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Enrichment Friday Schedule


Dear Las Flores Parents,


There are exciting changes coming to our elementary Enrichment Friday schedule! Due to the popularity of Enrichment Friday,  the teachers have decided to offer additional language classes in order to accommodate our large groups of students.  


Your child will now have the opportunity to attend Spanish and Mandarin for half of the school year. Students in grades K, 1, and 3 will continue their Mandarin study in the second trimester, while students in grades 2 and 4 will begin Spanish classes. In the third trimester, the students will switch classes so that grades K, 1, and 3 will learn Spanish, while grades 2 and 4 will learn Mandarin. These changes do not affect students in grades 5-8.


We are excited to provide the students with an introduction to two useful languages, and we hope that you are as well! Attached you will find the revised schedule. Please note that this change is due to take place on December 1st; however, on this day, we have an assembly planned, so it will be modified to accommodate the assembly.


Thank you!  

The Las Flores Teaching Staff