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Weekly School-Wide ELA Focus

Weekly School-Wide ELA Focus (TK-12)

  • Vocabulary (TK-12): cynical, cautious, gullible, rash
  • Word Analysis (2-8): The 5 Syllable Rules
  • Phonological Awareness/Word Analysis (TK-1): Compound Words
  • Comprehension Strategy: Prediction/Text Connections
  • Comprehension Skill: Using QAR to answer inferential questions about story structure including analyzing causal relationships (TK-1); Using QAR to answer compare and contrast questions about author's craft and structure specifically focusing on Point of View (1-12) 
  • Essential Question (1-8):  How do the similarities and differences in multiple texts deepen our understanding of an author's craft and structure?   
  • Essential Question (TK-1): How can I learn more about the adventures and experiences of characters within and across stories
  • Thinking Map: Circle and Tree (in writing Grades 2-8); Flow (Grades TK-K-1)
  • Writing (Gr. 2-12): Focus on Informational Writing 
  • Writing (Gr. K-1):  Focus on Main Idea and Narrative Writing
  • Language Objective (Gr. 2-10): Students will orally and in writing compare and contrast author's craft and structure in a variety of texts using compound and complex sentences in the present tense and subject-verb agreement.
  • Language Objective (Gr. TK-2): Students will orally and in writing compare and contrast the experiences and adventures of characters within and across stories using simple and complex sentences with the academic language both and whereas.