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Weekly School-Wide ELA Focus

Weekly School-Wide ELA Focus (TK-12)

  • Vocabulary (TK-12): rational, empathetic, apathetic, conscientious
  • Word Analysis (2-8): The 5 Syllable Rules
  • Phonological Awareness/Word Analysis (TK-1): The 5 Syllable Rules
  • Comprehension Strategy: Evaluation
  • Comprehension Skill: Using QAR to answer inferential questions about story structure including determining a character's traits (TK-1); Using QAR to answer questions about story structure  elements, including analyzing a character's traits,using RACE [Read, Answer, Cite, Explain] and paraphrasing for citations (1-12) 
  • Essential Question (1-8):  How do the different elements an author uses communicate a message, and how does the language an author uses to develop these elements help us to better understand them and their connection to the overall message?     
  • Essential Question (TK-1): How can I determine a character's personality traits
  • Thinking Map: Circle and Tree (in writing Grades 2-8); Flow (Grades TK-K-1)
  • Writing (Gr. 2-12): Focus on Informational Writing 
  • Writing (Gr. K-1):  Focus on Narrative Writing
  • Language Objective (Gr. 2-10): Students will orally articulate ideas and negotiate conversations using respectful collaborative language.
  • Language Objective (Gr. TK-2): Students will orally articulate and justify a character's personality trait using a compound sentence.